We are going to tell you something about our family business
Aréo-Feu™ was founded in 1959 with fire safety for young and old alike in mind. We were the first, and we have come this far, over more than half a century, innovating for the protection of people and with the firm intention of continuing on our path.
During these years, we have accumulated experience and knowledge in the total fire protection of people and property, incorporating the latest techniques and adapting to all the regulations that have arisen. That is why we have been able to implement the best management techniques.
We have grown together and evolved as the market and our customers' needs have evolved. That's why we are also just a click away from your security.
If it's for your safety, it's Aréo-Feu™.
Bartolomé Aragón Martinez
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Our History
Aréo-Feu™ was created with fire safety for people and property in mind. Almost 60 years ago, we set ourselves the goal of providing the fire protection that was lacking in many Spanish businesses and homes. That idea made us the first company in Spain to manufacture fire extinguishing and fire detection equipment and to create maintenance procedures.
Over time, we have evolved according to the needs of the market, incorporating the design, assembly, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment and installations into our services.
Today, we are consolidated as specialists in the sector at a national and international level. As a result, thousands of SMEs and large companies, banks, public health and care organisations... have placed their trust in Aréo-Feu™, establishing us as the great brand that we represent today.
Our Brands
In order to better adapt to each environment, at Aréo-Feu™ we present ourselves under four different brands that meet the needs of each client. And all with the Aréo-Feu™ guarantee of compliance with all fire safety regulations and quality standards.
Quality and Training
Complying with all standards in our industry is a must. But we go further. Aréo-Feu™ has an efficient Quality Management System that allows us to work every day to guarantee the quality of our products and offer the best services. And so, our daily commitment and dedication ensure that the solutions we offer become realities. Another of our advantages is our open alliances with expert groups in various fields complementary to security work. With their support, we can deepen our knowledge of all the technical and legislative aspects that increase the reliability of the results of our work.
Team of professionals
Our team is made up of engineers and technical professionals, with an average experience in the fire protection sector of more than 25 years. This experience, which over time has become a capacity for innovation, is stimulated in three ways: through our continuous training plans; by paying attention to the demands of new applications in use in the current market; and with the constant application of the specific regulations that arise for them.
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