Online Maintenance

Wherever you are, Aréo-Feu™ is with you. Our online maintenance is our added value. Aréo-Feu™ allows the client to check the certificates online at any time and from anywhere to avoid any unforeseen supervision. Through our online certificate manager our client can check the status of their fire legal maintenance contracts instantly and download them as many times as they wish.

Legal Maintenance

At Aréo-Feu™ we create security. And we maintain it. We take care of the legal maintenance of any type of fire protection installation for you. The exclusive training of our team, as well as their specialisation, allows us to safely and efficiently carry out everything involved in preventive fire protection maintenance, always in compliance with current legislation.

Self-protection plans

At Aréo-Feu™, our Technical and Engineering Department designs and implements the Self-Protection Plans - as established in RD_393/2007-, issuing the accreditation certificates derived from the actions carried out. We work "Turnkey", so that you do not have to worry about anything, knowing that you have the best solutions and the best professionals in fire safety.

PCI installations

Professionalism and quality in all our installations. Aréo-Feu™'s extensive experience has allowed us to innovate and deal professionally with all types of fixed installations for homes, buildings and companies. That is why we offer a wide variety of fire protection systems under 3 concepts: prevent, detect, extinguish.

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